Spring Pansies
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • Hobby Colorobbia H0469 plate with rim


  • #6 Round Sable

  • #8 Square Shader

  • #12 Square Shader

  • FDG 500 Detailing Black

Hobby Colorobbia Florentine Glazes

  • FDG 500 Detailing Black

  • FDG 501 Carrara White

  • FDG 503 Midnight Blue

  • FDG 506 Golden Rod

  • FDG 507 Straw Hat

  • FDG 509 Mango

  • FDG 510 Florentine Green

  • FDG 513 Sky Blue

  • FDG 515 Mulberry

  • FDG 517 Foliage Green

  • FDG 518 Chartreuse

  • FDG 520 Red Brown

  • FDG 522 Caramel Candy

  • FDG 525 Violet

  • HC 202B Clear Glaze


Smooth the bisque with a fine grit cloth. This step is not necessary unless you want the look and feel of very smooth bisque. Thoroughly sponge entire areas before beginning the base coat process. Trace design on bisque using NCR paper.

Base Coat
Determine what color you want for each flower, and then apply two coats as follows:

A. Yellow Pansy:  FDG 507 Straw Hat
B. Blue Pansy: FDG 513 Sky Blue
C. Violet Pansy:  FDG 525 Violet
D. Stems and leaves:  FDG 510 Florentine Green



  1. Shade shadow areas of yellow flowers with FDG 506 Goldenrod.

  2. Shade several spots with FDG 522 Caramel Candy. This will accent the shaded areas of the flowers.

  3. Shade blue flower petals with FDG 503 Midnight Blue.

  4. Shade violet flowers with FDG 515 Mulberry.

  5. Shade the outside edge of leaves and stems with FDG 517 Foliage Green.

  6. Mix some FDG 517 Foliage Green with FDG 520 Red Brown.

  7. Shade leaves and stems in the background shadow areas.

  8. Using the following colors, apply "blops" of color in a random pattern to the leaves and stems to add accent colors:
    FDG 520 Red Brown
    FDG 518 Chartreuse

  9. Apply "blop" of FDG 509 Mango to one edge of flower center.

  10. Touch a small "dab" of FDG 522 Caramel Candy to the side of center of flower.

  11. Using FDG 500 Detailing Black and #0 Sable Liner, apply black lines around the center of the pansies and veins of the leaves. Outline in a sketchy manner.

  12. Band with FDG 506 Goldenrod.

  13. Band outside edge of plate with several thinned coats of FDG 503 Midnight Blue.

  14. Add dots of color to areas where you want trim. 

  15. As additional trim, apply "squiggly lines" in a random pattern.

  16. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  17. Using a #6 W. G. Fan Brush, apply 2-3 coats of 202B Clear glaze.

  18. Fire to cone 06 with a 20 minute hold.