Fruit Plate
Maiolica Technique Using Florentine Glaze
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • HobbyColorobbia bisque


  • HC 0147 Artic White

  • HC 0253 Wisteria

  • FDG 500 Detailing Black

  • FDG 501 Carrara White

  • FDG 504 Chianti Wine

  • FDG 508 Tangelo Red

  • FDG 510 Florentine Green

  • FDG 514 Coffee Bean

  • FDG 515 Mulberry

  • FDG 516 Coral Reef

  • FDG 517 Foliage Green

  • FDG 518 Chartreuse

  • FDG 522 Caramel Candy

  • FDG 525 Violet

Additional Supplies

  • Tissue paper

  • Sharpie Marker

  • Assorted Brushes



  1. Apply three coats of HC 0147 Artic White to MHC 0096 Fruit Saucer.
  2. Using tissue paper and a permanent sharpie marker, trace pattern on plate.
  3. Apply thinned coat of FDG 518 Chartreuse to the leaves of the peach and cherries.
  4. Apply two coats of FDG 516 Coral Reef to the peach and cherries.
  5. Apply one coat of FDG 525 Violet to each individual grape in the cluster.
  6. Apply one thinned coat of FDG 510 Florentine Green to leaves of grapes.
  7. Apply another coat of FDG 516 Coral Reef to shade the separation of peach area and shade background of  peach. 
  8. Also apply another coat to shade the cherries.
  9. Apply another coat to set several cherries in the background.
  10. Give a deeper shading effect to the cherries using FDG 508 Tangelo Red and applying to background areas.
  11. Shade cherry and peach leaves with FDG 510 Florentine Green.
  12. Mix a little FDG 522 Caramel Candy to FDG 510 Florentine Green and accent both leaves on the cherry and peach.
  13. Shade grape leaves with FDG 517 Foliage Green.
  14. Shade the background area and outside edge of leaf.  Mix a little FDG 514 Coffee Bean to the FDG 517 Foliage Green and do additional shading to the leaf.
  15. Shade one side of the each grape with FDG 515 Mulberry
  16. Add FDG 504 Chianti Wine on top area of a few grapes. Add dark shading to the grapes using HC 0253 Wisteria
  17. Using FDG 522 Caramel Candy, add stems to separate grapes and form the stem of the cluster.
  18. Make stems of cherries and peaches using FDG510 Florentine Green.
  19. Using FDG 501 Carrara White, apply accent areas to peach, grapes, cherries, and the leaves. Do not accent each grape or cherry, but do this in a random pattern.
  20. Outline design in a random pattern using FDG 500 Detailing Black.
  21. Slightly thin FDG 500 Detailing Black and fill in the solid background area.
  22. Apply one thinned coat of HC 0001 to the entire piece.
  23. Fire to cone 06 with a 20-minute hold.