Circle Roses
Bisque Stroke Tinted  Glaze
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • MHC 0467


  • #8 Sable Shader

  • #6 Round

  • #6 W.G. Fan Brush


  • Bermuda Green Deco Dots
    (available from BP'ers Ceramics)


  • HC 202B Transparent

  • FDG 510 Florentine Green

  • HC 0414 Orange

  • HC 0428 Bright Yellow

  • HC 0432 Grass Green

  • HC 0433 Forest Spot

  • HC 0437 Black

  • HC 0439 Leaf Green

  • HC 0419 Light Red

  • HC 0454 Pink Rose


Section off the plate in half: then in half again: and finally in half again.  This will set your design area.

  1. Place band near center to form a small working area on inside of plate.
  2. With a #8 Sable Shader, paint the band with Forest Spot.
  3. Using Pink Rose, make small narrow lines out from the band. 
  4. With Bright Yellow, wash in area between the pink lines.
  5. Using #6 Round, load with Pink Rose. 
  6. Tip in Light Red.  Holding the brush in an upright position, beginning at the center of the rose, make a tiny swirl to form the body of the rose.
  7. With a #6 Round, load brush in Leaf Green. 
  8. Using a "kiss" stroke, form one side of each leaf on both sides of the rose. 
  9. Refilling with Grass Green, using the same stroke, form the other side of the leaf. 
  10. Accent each leaf with a thinned splash of Orange.
  11. Using Black, accent the centers of the rose in a tiny swirling pattern.
  12. Outline the leaf and apply veins. 
  13. Using the brush handle, place small dots around the edge of the plate to form a "dotted swiss" look.
  14. Using Bermuda Green Deco Dots, apply "squiggly lines" around the band of Bright Yellow and Forest Spot. 
  15. Apply Deco Dots to outside edge of plate.
  16. To paint the other plate shown, use this same technique.
  17. Assemble roses to form a bouquet on the outside edge and in the center of plate.  As always, remember to paint some little detail on the backside of the plate also. 
  18. Apply 2 tablespoons of Florentine Green to HC 202B Transparent. Mix well.  Apply two thinned coats.
  19. Fire to Cone 06 with a 20-minute hold.