Christmas Chorus
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • Hobby Colorobbia bisque MHC 0095 Bisque Plate

  • Hobby Colorobbia bisque MCH 0245 Bisque Mug


  • #6 Round Sable

  • #8 Square Shader

  • #12 Square Shader

  • FDG 500 Detailing Black

Florentine Glazes

  • FDG 513 Sky Blue

  • FDG 522 Caramel Candy

  • FDG 504 Chianti Wine

  • FDG 506 Goldenrod

  • FDG 510 Florentine Green

  • FDG 517 Foliage Green

  • FDG 519 Peacock Blue

  • FDG 509 Mango

  • FDG  501 Carrara White



This project can be done either on bisque or on unfired HC 0147 Artic White glaze. 

  1. Trace design on bisque plate MHC 0095 and one snowman on MCH 0245 mug using NCR paper.

  2. With a small amount of water in a #6 Round Sable brush, load brush with Sky Blue.

  3. Float this color in a drifting motion on the sky area.  Scrub the color back and forth to form motion.

  4. Fully load appropriate size brush with Fuchsia.

  5. "Dribble-drip" this color on the hatband and scarf on the snowman on the right. 

  6. Paint his "branch arm" using Caramel Candy.

  7. With a #8 Square Shader, make a checkerboard pattern on the band and scarf of the snowman on the left using Chianti Wine.

  8. Make plaid pattern using Goldenrod, Fuchsia, Chianti Wine, and Foliage Green.

  9. "Dribble-drip" the mittens with Foliage Green.

  10. "Dribble-drip" the earmuffs and wristband on the snowman in the middle using Florentine Green.

  11. Using Goldenrod, Fuchsia, and Chianti Wine, stripe the hatband and scarf.

  12. Using Peacock Blue, fully cover the book in his hands.

  13. Using Mango, "dribble-drip" the "carrot nose" of each snowman.

  14. Fully load a  #6 Round Sable with Foliage Green.

  15. Begin to paint the tree, stroking from the top down, and lifting the branches in an outward motion.

  16. Using Sky Blue and #12 Square Shader, float color around the edges of the snowmen to give definition and depth.

  17. Float this same color around the bottom and to shade the snow.

  18. Using Detailing Black, fill in the hats, button, eyes and mouths.

  19. Use this same color to outline and define each snowman.

  20. Using Carrara White, place snowflakes in a random pattern, make dots on the hatband and collar, and add the appearance of snow to the tree.

  21. Using Detailing Black, stroke in the words "Christmas Chorus". 

  22. Apply 2-3 coats of HC 0001 Transparent Glaze

  23. Fire to Cone 06 with a 20-minute hold.