Candle Holder
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • Boothe Mold # 577 Cylinder Pump


  • #8 Square Shader

  • #0 Liner

  • #6 W.G. Fan Brush

  • #8 Luster Filbert


  • Scalpel and Blade

  • CA Shiny Gold

  • Denatured Alcohol


  • HC 0001 Transparent Glaze

  • HC 0145 Transparent Matt

  • FDG 505 Pink Carnation

  • FDG 510 Florentine Green

  • HC 0454 Pink Rose

  • HC 0401 Bottle Green

  • HC 0439 Leaf Green

  • HC 0452 Dark Brown

  • HC 0648 Pink Lips

  • HC 0601 Baby Pink


Properly clean the greenware by carefully removing the seam line.  Remove all imperfection from the piece and level the bottom.  Remove all dust and particles with a damp sponge.

  1. Cast Boothe Mold 577 Cylinder Pump and while leather hard, cut off the top.

  2. Trace pattern gently. 

  3. With a scalpel and sharp blade, cut on the lines with a precise but firm motion.  Hold scalpel straight upright and cut straight down.

    Carefully clean the seam lines with a cleaning tool.  Clean up the cut out area and make the edges look clean cut. 

  4. Make sure the inside is cleaned well with no drips on the sides or in the bottom.  Let dry.  Fire to Cone 04.

  5. Apply 2 coats of Pink Carnation to the petal of the flower. 

  6. Apply 2 coats Florentine Green to the stem and leaves.

  7. With a #8 Square Shader, side load with Pink Rose and shade around the center of the flower and the outside edge of the petals.

  8. Using a #8 Square Shader, side load with Bottle Green and shade one side of the stem, under the flower, and the outside edge and tip of the leaves.

  9. Apply Goldenrod to the center of the flower. 

  10. Corner load #8 Square Shader with Orange and shade around the left hand side of the center. 

  11. Corner load with Leaf b and shade the right hand side of the center.

  12. Corner load with Dark Brown and made a "c" stroke in the middle of the center. 

  13. Using a #0 Liner, detail the veins of the leaves with Bottle Green.

  14. With the #0 Liner, and using Dark Brown, stroke tiny lines from the center of the flower toward the end of the petals.  Make tiny specks in a random pattern at the ends of these tiny lines.

  15. With a silk sponge, in a lacey pattern, sponge a coat of Baby Pink to the outside of the cylinder.  Do not make this coverage solid. 

  16. Using the same manner as in the step above, sponge Pink Lips over the Baby Pink in a lacey pattern being careful not to block out the first coat.

  17. Apply 2-3 coats of HC 0001 Transparent Glaze to the inside of the cylinder.

  18. Apply 2-3 coats of HC 0145 Transparent Matt to the flower and leaves.

  19. Fire to Cone 06 with a 20-minute hold.

Inside of Candleholder

  1. Wipe the inside area with denatured alcohol. 
  2. With a clean #8 Luster Filbert reserved for gold, apply one coat of C/A Shiny Gold to the inside area of the cylinder. 
  3. When dry, fire to Cone 018-019.  Be sure to properly vent your kiln until the fumes are gone.
  4. When finished, apply two coats of a water sealer to the unglazed outside edge of the holder.