Busy Work
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • Goblet mold from Boothe Mold Company


  • 0 Sable Liner#8 sable

  •  Shader

  • #6 W.G. Fan Brush


  • HC 0605 Terracotta

  • HC 0147 Artic White

  • HC 0401 Bottle Green

  • HC 014 Orange

  • HC 0435 Celestial Blue

  • HC 0437 Black

  • HC 0441 Dark Red

  • HC 0443 Purple

  • HC 0450 Yellow

  • HC 0454 Pink Rose


  • "Deco Dots" Raised Accent
    (available from BP'ers Ceramics)

  • Sharpie Pen

  • Tissue Paper



Properly clean the greenware by carefully removing the seam line.  Remove all imperfection from the piece and level the bottom.  Remove all dust and particles with a damp sponge.

  1. Apply three coats of Terra Cotta to the entire piece.  Fire to Cone 04.
  2. Apply three thinned coats of  HC 0147 Artic White. 
  3. Section off the goblet first in half: then in half again.  This will give you even sections to plan your design around.
  4. Trace the rose pattern using tissue paper and a sharpie permanent marking pen.
  5. Apply one thinned coat of Bottle Green to the leaves of roses, and to the wide banded section on the stem.
  6. Place Pink Rose on the small band next to the large green band; to the diamond section on the base, and to the main section of the rose petals.
  7. Thin Yellow to a very watery consistency and fill in the top triangle on the base of stem and center of the rose.
  8. Using slightly thinned Purple, color the small band above the large green one on the stem, and the vertical bar above it.
  9. Using Orange, accent stroke on center of rose.
  10. Make "x" in white section of the stem.
  11. Stroke lines in a diagonal direction on the section colored with Yellow
  12. With a #8 Square Shader and using Black, make squares around the base to form a checkerboard pattern.
  13. Using the #0 Sable Liner, draw a "squiggly" line around the top section of the goblet.
  14. Outline the rose and leaves with an even line.
  15. With the #0 Sable Liner, place Celestial Blue lines in a diagonal pattern on the top part of the goblet.
  16. Using the tip handle of the brush, dipping in the Celestial Blue, place dots in a random pattern in the white diagonal section on the base.
  17. Using the #0 Sable Liner, outline sections on the base with Dark Red.
  18. Color the bottom and top small section on the stem with Dark Red.
  19. Using the brush handle tip, place dots of Dark Red in each diagonal section created by Celestial Blue lines on top of the goblet.
  20. Using "Deco Dots", apply accent line around the bottom edge of goblet next to Black checkerboard pattern.
  21. Apply dots to the vertical line of Purple and in the Pink Rose section on the base.
  22. Place a dot off side in the center of the rose.
  23. Stilt and fire to Cone 06.