Bunny in Hiding
Designed and Created by Bonnie Peterson




  • hobbyColorobbia Bisque MHC 0094


  • #6 W.G. Fan Brush

  • #0 Sable Liner

  • #8 Sable Shader

  • #12 Sable Shader

  • #6 Round Sable

Hobby Colorobbia Florentine Glazes

  • FDG 500 Detailing Black

Bisque Stokes

  • HC 0401 Bottle Green

  • HC 0425 Light Brown

  • HC 0437 Black

  • HC 0443 Purple

  • HC 0449 Grey

  • HC 0454 Pink Rose

  • HC 0456 Grape

  • HC 0001 Transparent


  • NCR Paper

  • Grit Sponge


If desired, sand MHC 0094 bisque under dish with grit sponge.  Sponge surface to remove any loose particles and dust. Using NCR paper, trace design on plate.

  1. Using a #12 square shader and Bottle Green, shade in one side of each leaf stroking from base to point of leaf.

  2. Add a small amount of Black to this color and shade in other side of leaf.  Using this mixture, block in stem of tulip.
  3. Add another small amount of Black to the remaining mixture and shade the side of stem and top of stem underneath the flower.
  4. With a #6 Round Sable, block in tulip using Pink Rose.
  5. Stroke from tip of each petal to the base area.  Corner load the square shader with Purple.
  6. Shade the petals to form separation.
  7. Shade the base area of tulip and inside of the top to form the center area of the flower and to give the appearance of individual petals.
  8. Using a #8 Square Shader, corner load with Light Brown.
  9. Shade the back ear of the bunny, the base of the front ear, the nose, the back area of the bunny, and the area around the leaf in the foreground. Do not wash your brush.
  10. Corner load with Grey and shade the outside head area, under the chin, below the eye, and outside edge of the front ear.
  11. With Pink Rose, paint the outside rim of the eye. Shade a small area on the inside of the ear and around the "cheeks" of the bunny.
  12. Using Purple, paint the pupil in the eye.
  13. Outline the entire design with FDG 500 Detailing Black. Outline in a sketchy manner. 
  14. Add whiskers, (eyelashes if you want your bunny to have eyelashes), dots on nose, ear hairs, and sketchy lines to give character to the entire piece.  Outline as pleases you.
  15. Apply two thin coats of HC 0001 to the entire piece.
  16. Fire to cone 06 with a 20-minute hold.